Let the workers and the hardy beware.  Let the stern and the staunch beware.  The right way to go about the right things is the right way.  The earnestness which which to pursue earnest goals is earnest.  Dream the dream.  It is a good dream.  It is not a dream worth waking from.  It is a sturdy little devil.  It stands for all goodly things.  It is a lustful dream full of lust for the good, lust for the right, lust for the true.  A compact little dream this .  A compact little dream factory of a compact little dream this.  A dreamers little dreamy dream.  A dream.

The one.  The many.  Good for all.  Good for me.  Goodness goodness all around.  All purposeful goodness all around.  All purposeful goodness, all purposeful poisoned pens of goodness all around.  As always…it is good to be good.

Good dreams walking

Newsweek….Rick Marin and Tony Dokoupi


Noble dreams flirting

The Economist ….Direct Democracy…..Vox populi or hoi polloi?


The dumb …… the honored creed. The rancid bastards …… the true.



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