Dominance Games: Void Me

Posted: May 5, 2011 in Commentary, News, Politics, Uncategorized, writing
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To be the messenger of the gods and informed the uninformed newly.  To be a potion mixer, a torture fixer, a redoubtable waste of uninspiring talent.  To ramble, to indulge, to be facetious, fatuous and debonair.   Fix the story blindly and model it in perfume.  Be an eerie piece of dirt in the loving muck, a dainty charlatan and buffoon.

Touch me.  Feel me.  Make me over and give me breakfast.  Treat me with affection.  Cherish my gratitude.  Picture me my pictures.  Speak me my words.  Envelope me well.  I love a long night with its comforts and joys.

The right practice of right practice is upon us.  Users pay and the users play.  Users use and users tell.  The power is to the user.  The user knows … the constant user knows…the democratized user knows…the common among us know.  Through sham and pretense, claustrophobia and hype the world is awash with informed common sense keeping up appearances and keeping  down wretched excess….. it is one damned big rancid circus after all …  blessing the beasts and the children.

The mornings know.  The paths to hot and hell, cool and low, to slumber and back know.  The bored to death and the spoon fed sick slick know.    The monster never sleeps.  All is known.  All is seen.  Hardy shame for those who are not…… Vivaciousness is the key.  Vital organs are key.  Eyes here there and eyes everywhere…

It is good to be free and smart and basking in dumb enlightened in times of joyous rays of godlike sun.  Be a proud seeker of the holy grail.  Move me.  Feed me.  Fondle me.  Make me cry.  I learn because I am.

Patrick B. Pexton  Washington Post

From Columbia Journalism Review

The dumb …… the honored creed. The rancid bastards …… the true.


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