The games of mirrors.  The games of phantoms, hubris, the ephemeral,  the sharp knife .  The violent moves towards preservation.  The games viewed in the prisms of desires and the choice of wars.

The aims of the seekers of wisdom, truths, pocketbooks.   Calculated to the fine points of wishes and wants, projections of bodiless harm the obstructionist is the way of progress.  Long term.  Short term.

The beast of the devil kills and the swarms of ideas with which he pollutes, eases out the roughage and the use the club.  The scalpel, the lethal injection beat down the point.  The toughest, meanest fighter in the room fights for freedom.  War is good.

Starve the government beast.  Preserve order of attainable influence.  Hold the crying towel and work the needy.  Suffering makes for the accomplishing of adulthood.  Suffering makes for stress that kills.  We’ve come a long way from where we’ve been so shut up and die.  We have a long way to go so celebrate the pain.

Cringe and beg.  Survive or not.  Cull the herd.  Break the bank.  Put square pegs in round holes.  Hate losers.  Hate winners.  Hate the need for security.  Hate the desire for security.  Love the nanny state.  Love help from the regulating nazies.  Save the body.  Free the soul.  Save the soul.  Free the body.  Pick who to gets hurt.  They have no use.   In the short term.  In the long term.  It is always necessary to marginalize.

The logic of rigidity demands fidelity to principle.  The logic of principle demands not fidelity to logic.  Aims demand gain.  Gain demands what it can.  Gain is the winner.  A  beachhead to call a permanent home is sought.  Gain is sought.

The wellspring from which to establish a mean base of violent attack is the warriors dream.  Boys and their toys, girls and their whirls.  The tools to ravage and conquer.  Desirable ends.  What else is it all about?  The passionate logic of passion picks the runners.  The passionate logic of runners fancies the passion.  Nobody does nothin’ foe nothin’.  Aims are true.  The knives are out.

Passions dictate tactics.  Win what there is to win.  Life in the sun.  Victory is what you make of it.  Killers kill.  Elections are for bottom feeders.  Elections are for killers.

David Frum

Shelby Steele  Wall Street Journal

politics, news, commentary, analysis



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