And the virulent shall be pure and the pure shall lead and the true shall beckon heaven and the good shall be forthright.

And the secure shall be strong and the tolerant shall falter and the self righteous shall be our sultry light in the skies.

And the humble shall be honored and the loud shall not be silenced.  The quiet shall not simmer.  The reflective shall have no time, shall have no home.  The reflective shall be taught to do no other thing.

The rich shall be of fire.  The poor shall be of disdain.  The winds shall not be of reaping.  The thieves shall not be of compromise.

Backs shall be straight.  Limbs shall be strong.  Aim shall be true.  Thoughts shall be lustful.

Home shall be where the heart is.  The righteous shall right all wrongs.

The fire in the belly shall be not sated.  The searing sting of justice shall not wane.  The heart of the hunters shall not go unused.  The prey of the hunters shall not hide.

The living miasma of organic thought shall truck no compromise.  The beating hearts of hope shall not be abandoned.  The pure and the true shall not be sullied by remorse or retribution.  The powerful shall not fear their lives.

Freedom from hurt.  Hurt the world commodity.  Killers kill.  Owners own. Breakers break.  Change comes from forces  accommodating  the lusts of the disenfranchised, the lusts of the put upon, the lusts of the thugs, the lusts of the head bangers, the vile rots who can hurt.

A sword for the swordless.  A knife for the knifeless.   Power for the powerless.  A guarantee of fear to the fearless, fear of retribution to the winless, fear of recrimination to the lossless, fear of death to the daft, the dank dreamers, the wayward skunks.

Satiate the lust of the lustful, the hates of the hard, the blood lust of the thirsty.  Dreams are pleasant.  Talk is good.  Will is cheap.  Work works nicely.  Capitulation wins the day.

The Economist     Boundlessly loyal to the great monster

Jeffrey Goldberg   The Atlantic   Danger Tyrants

F. Brinley Bruton

politics, news, commentary, analysis



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