Dominance Games: Worldly and wise and above the fray. Beauty upon a pedestal of sin.

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Sex is here .  Sex is here.  Its sex time in the Rockies.  All over the world.  Its sex time for you and me.

The mine fields.  The trip wires.  The lofty sophistications.  The awkward hypocrisies.  The farm animals.  The sweethearts.  The fun and games; they never let you down.

The death knells.  The transgressors.   The political bodies that go bump in the night.

The easy prey and easy speech that are  grounded in lustful eyes.  The tepid prose and judgements of priests of lowly scum.

Ripped scabs and doleful longings never let disdainful smiles not have fun for breakfast.  Damn with little praise the drugstore cowboy and the flatulent screamer.  The meaninglessness of trysts,  the sins of them, the wanting wanting for more.  Acting out is heaven in the details.  Float the urges sacred and pristine.

….Our women are our toys, our property, our scourge, our curse.  They are our partners, our masters, our antagonists,  our beauty upon a pedestal of sin.

Sex and costs.  Sex and costs.   Sex and costs.

The cost benefit analysis of bad behavior.   The cost benefit analysis of wished for behavior, of groping behavior, of the fire in the belly, disgrace in the heart behavior.  The cost benefit analysis of self protection and good grace.

The rancid use of the currencies of power make many a Jack a dull boy.  The libido, the laughs, the plays for bargains.  The objects of desire need be so. The objects of property need be that way also.  Tis more precise fun in the winning.

The privileges of ownership and its perks and the whip hand   The misty dew all over the world.  have enough of the currencies of use and coercion, of choice and fun and thrills a minute.  Take as need to be taken.  Make as need be made.  Give as need be given.  Use well.   Use all.  Use all over the everywhere.  Everywhere.  Here and there.  In all civilized places.

…..And the rest of us go dawdle, watch, love, fly in false sophistication.   The rest of us dive, tunnel, resist, puff up with  false bravado.  The sharpies ply with false modesty.  The holy with false stories, sinful villains, despicable users, pirates, breakers, killers, owners and bums.   The fear, the force, the repression, the troves of license.

It is good to be worldly and wise and above the fray.

Two about those randy Europeans

The New yorker   Ariel Levy

The New Yorker    Philip Gourevitch

One noting the love of good believers

New York Times    Dina Salah Amer and Omniya Al Desoukie

and such ………..

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