Dominance Games: The text of aggression

Posted: July 17, 2011 in current events, News, opinion, Politics
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Dominance Games / Politics

The avenging angel, the hidden conqueror, the mighty sword.  The punitive beast is always.  The punisher cometh.  He cometh hard.  We strive for accomplishment and sincerity.  We wing our way towards the melancholy ways of fierce combat.  We wish to be absolved of sins and be of the pure.

The text of aggression is a quiet text.  It needs daily editing.  We edit.  The text of aggression is the bible.  It is a cathartic thing.  We wish mounds of it to spread.  We wish the absolutes.   Absolute power.  Punishing power.

There are the dictates of the balancing of forces.  Avoidance of chaos demands giving to Caesar, to the power brokers.   Games are games.  Those who live at the mercy of the games get singed.  The structure of the game is its outcome.   No one sees.  The blind enjoy the lack of dissonance.

Transgressors usurp trust.  Cerebral warriors die on the vine.

Desperate for balance and control is the precise mind.  The threat, the image, the fair warning…the vitality .  The life blood of certain restitution, redemption is action, action of need, of like, of reverence.  Action is the antidote to impotence, impotence of the kind that comes with the narrow thoughts dismantling different proofs that the world offers.

The milk of political debauchery is the empty lust for ratification and seething self sustenance.  The hands that define ourselves in the images of the worlds that define our lusts take no prisoners.  The tools not used against entrenched enemies are tools of  unholy gnomes and the choices narrowed by their evil heathen ways.  Pledges, and rants, demons and daggers, in times of need all power is the complete aphrodisiac.

Dumb as we come we get what dumbness brings.

We demand no better.  The humble bastards stand up and shout.

Core principles are without logical construct.  Those who honor the emptiness of character and the chimerasness of the system at the mercy of gamed elections in gamed districts by gamed minorities of gaming tin soldiers allow the wild wind of politics as a poor last act in a grand experiment.

The dumb …… the honored creed. The rancid bastards …… the true……politics, news, commentary, analysis   Dominance Games / Politics



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