Dominance Games: Swords emasculating

Posted: July 20, 2011 in current events, dominance, News, opinion, Politics
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Dominance Games / Politics

The moods moody.  The lights misty.  The dancing seals dancing.  Blood sport sporting.  Kill sport killing.  Derision sport deriding.  They damned well like it.

Commentary as machete for the lazy and the rich. Toys to be abused for the ones who take wings off of flies.  Hateful hates.  Vile devils.  Deemed demons.  They damned well love it.

Hope is for those who work at something.

Trips to lovers lane are guaranteed those who look mighty and brave in their mirrors of choice.  Mouths mouthing, egos flaunting, dunces duncing, tantrums wailing…… no childhoods end.  They damned well love it.

Trendy rackets and self immolation.   They damned well love it.  More the thrill of erotic passion.  They damned well love it.  More the vivid.  More the emasculating.  More the basically simpleton;s simple.  They damned well love it.

Self inflation, self importance, self flagellation, self satisfaction….. the show of them forever.  Great wars of swords and sorcerers they play.   Chargers chargers.  Heroes heroing blithely saving fair maidens from any undesirable greatness.

Zoos come and go and animals act up and perform and there is comfort in the love.  Tactics.  Tougher.  Stronger.  More evocative of pain.

The bating bated, the hate hated, the smarms smarmed.  The fight enjoined.  Odiousness …. the smell of flowers…. the all purpose passport.  Thine self holy, wise, noble and good.  Fondle the love.

I think they like it.  They damned well love it.

Screech.  Screech.  Shrill.  Shrill.  Color tawdry and putrid.  Enemies divine. They play good and they kiss their shadows.  Power allows.

Night is coming.  The dreams of all good people are coming.  The rough hewn sleeve rollers are coming.  Get thrown under the bus and to the wolves.

Love makes to play dirty.  Sincerity makes to implore noble tricks of the trade.  Speak loudly and club the bastards to death.  Taste the taste… blood lust, blood sport, blood.

Some are better at it than others.  The real joys of politics.

politics, news, commentary, analysis



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