Dominance Games: Power corrupts

Posted: July 22, 2011 in current events, dominance, News, opinion, Politics
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Dominance Games / Politics

Power corrupts.  It corrupts mightily and famously.  It corrupts hedonisticlaly, morally, severely. It turns virtue on its head and relegates expression to a game.

Power fuels the laundered images of fear and the abject lack of restraint.  Power goads and practices, flails and takes what it takes.  It can be a serene thing  it can be a strong thing, a mocking thing, a self satisfied thing.

Power can shine like a beacon, drop like a stone, crush like a runaway truck.  It lures.  It calls.  It wants.  It produces sweet songs to calm the ear, sweet reason to sack the instincts.  It may turn away from its prey and seem to be something else, a trivial thing that hides itself  from challenges and flies sweetly from inspection.

Power knows.  It sweats.  It works very very hard.  It knows itself.  It knows its dupes.  It glorifies all.

Power rides the tall horse.  It beats with a whip.  It smacks with delight, hisses with a sneer.  Power coddles the beast of intentions.  It coddles the war horse of inclinations.  It answers to itself and laughs.

Power chides.  It raises high its mighty sword.  It is useful unto itself.  It has to depend not on the good offices, good wishes, good works of others.  Power dictates.  Its game and lightening bolts will survive.  Its victims will not.

Trust always those with power.  They learn how to use it.

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