Dominance Games: Fierce Nation

Posted: July 24, 2011 in current events, dominance, News, opinion, Politics
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Dominance Games / Politics

So the gets are gotten.  The world is ours.  There is the surging march of the gentle tides of gentle history… the light of shining dreams and happy diversions, the constant light, the complacent light.  Happiness fulfilled.   Society successful.  Values given…. values given the toys of the boys,  whirls of the girls, the piece and prosperity of a great nation.

Let the workers and the hardy beware.  Let the stern and the staunch beware.  The right way to go about the right things is always the right way.  The earnestness with which to pursue earnest goals is the true earnestness.  Dream the dream.  It is a good dream.  It is not a dream worth waking from.  It is a sturdy little dream.  It stands for all goodly things.  It is a lustful dream full of lust for the good, lust for the right, lust for the true.  It the saving dream of those who serve.

A compact little dream this .  A compact little dream factory of a compact little dream this.  A dreamers little dreamy dream.  A dream.  The lucky little residue ours.

An honored place this little piece of heaven ours.  Of respect, of standing, of aspiration, of good aspiration.   A meaningful endeavor,  a meaningful haunt.  This portrait of achievement, our heroes, our fierce nation bows its head with respect.

The sun has given us a grand bounty of good men and women.  Nature has given us the legacy of honest men.  We sit atop a bastion of a prize of working, sincere souls offering their all with the honor and decency of soldiers on the fields of battle.

There are only good and noble dreams walking.  There is only our belated success.  We have now a governing coalition of the wise, the responsible, the charitable, the true.  We, in our rests, know ourselves to be in the grand hands of the competent.  Warm and fuzzy are our thoughts and comforts as we curl in our repose.

God bless our keepers.  Arrogant dreams and righteous bores.

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