Give it up suckers. They are smarter and tougher than you and they keep on coming / Brave hearts of America / There is a future for the common man.

Posted: February 24, 2014 in Commentary, current events, dominance, News, opinion, political science, Politics
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Give it up suckers.  They are smarter and tougher than you and they keep on coming.

Anti intellectualism, oligarchy, whip hands and feelings of being a poor, poor put upon hard working, sensationally pure and pristine comatose majority of heaven sent bashers and well wishers ….. this is the holy city on the hill … the self image of the most pure and righteous of Americans as they toil in their fields and vineyards of cry babying and festering dislike ……   while they push forward the envelope to constantly take power and powers from those that don’t deserve it and constantly give power and powers to those that do.

We need to set the stage right so that the right kind of people, the right kind of government can take over the right kind of game and meet out the right kind of proper redress to /and from the right kind of proper caste system.

Absent an all out assault upon entrenched rancid defenders of the old archaic, devalued order of powers stolen from their rightful owners ….. then slowly putting the frog of illusory protections from scum into the fires of slick assed slogans and fanciful hates will allow heaven to triumph and the right boots to be heeled upon the right throats.

Give it up suckers.  They are smarter and tougher than you and they keep on coming.  They know the game.

Don’t cry when no one cares …. when you’re clubbed over the head and are totally useless if existing at all.

Brave hearts of America

Missed it on Valentine’s Day.

A well deserved love note to the courageous bums and scums and ladies of substance who are mouthy, pithy, venerable, coy, aggressive, lame, mean, in love with their all and multifaceted genius …… just plain paragons of virtue and upstanding valor ….. the mass mainstays of all grand cowardice amongst the hard boiled drones who throw the bombs and milk the weeds in their efforts to be upstanding and cute and in the light of heaven basking..

Figs and leaves and worthless lug nuts …. these fabled creatures who crow the loudest are the fabled creatures who seek dear the protective tissue and sinew of all friendly dolts and divas the most ….. good little smart assed flames for the genius class of ones peers.

Always done in front of a skeptical audience.

Only with a gun.

The mouthy brave hearts of our America.

I mean  …their America …

With flies.

There is a future for the common man.

With the rise of dumb and the lacking of vision, skill sets, use of brain in the errant tough populations of tough guys, snakes, slackers, joy boys and losers in the power plays of trends it is clear that there will be a groomed gauntlet of trials set before the many in the near future where their aspirations, desperations, breaking, owning and voiding will lead to survival, employment, duty, honor, faith, hope and charity as the public and private armies of the oligarchical heroes of this epoch of civilization.

Rabble dead, broken, worshiping, in place in the muck and mire.

Dead muscle is a useful commodity.

There is a future for the common man.

Dominance Games…..politics, news, commentary, analysis…. The dumb …… the honored creed. The rancid bastards …… the true…. the thrill…

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