The framers didn’t want a balance of powers

Since speech is free … although usable speech is a kings ransom and drawn against all the gold of all the fools  ….

Since speech is free and the corporate bodies of incorporated wholes … sort of a mass socialistic feeding set up ….. are free to distribute wryly and freely and at no cost what so ever the fruits of their words and genius …..

Since speech is free and the plutocrats and the oligarchs and the merely insidiously rich and in need of validation have the same right to speak and club and weasel and intimidate and use and maneuver as any poor little run of the mill street thug ….

Since speech is free and that stance  is holy and guns are free and that stance  is holy and holy is free and that is demanded and freedom is bought and sold and washed and owned and folded and made droll and useless …

Since speech is free  …… and surely the intent of the Constitution and the bedrock feelings and thoughts of the saints and framers of yore took not into account the balances of powers within this little favored political system of ours  …

Since speech is free  ……. needs not to balance powers when powers are crated and owned and off limits to would be balancers ….

Since speech is free …… powers are illusory …. ducks all in a row fall to the hunter with the gun ….

Balance of powers is for losers.

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